PVC Ball Valve


pvc ball valve
- Economically price PVC ball valve
- Available in sizes 1/2" - 4"
- NSF approved
- 150PSI working pressure (similar to safety block style)
- Handle position indicates valve open/close
Commonly used in landscaping, PVC ball valves allow you to turn the flow of liquids on and off quickly, while creating a watertight seal. These particular valves work well for pools, laboratories, food and beverage industries, water treatment, life science applications and chemical applications. These valves have a ball inside that rotates on a 90-degree axis. A hole through the center of the ball allows water to flow freely when the valve is on the "on" position, while stopping flow completely when the valve is in the "off" position.
pvc ball valve information
pvc ball valve dwg
Valve unified fumigation of wooden packaging, vacuum foam padding inside the bag, reduce the damage caused by the impact of the valve, add a desiccant to prevent internal moisture ocean, we will do our best to bring the best products to the destination.
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