Brief introductions of gate valve use in the chemical industry

The gate valve is suitable for most switching operations and non-vibrating hydrocarbons and utilities in all temperature ranges. In vibratory operation, and the gate valve may be opened or closed from their normal position. Unless the valve stem is carefully adjusted, the torque characteristics of the gate valve is better than the ball valve and the plug valve, but there is no 90 degree rotation to facilitate the operation characteristics. Gate valve in the chemical industry to pay attention to the use of the following points:
1, For the size of DN50 or larger size of the manual operation of the gate valve, which should be equipped with a flexible gate or expansion gate. The slit valve is usually not protected by overpressure.
2, Unprotected pole gate valve is not recommended. Because the marine environment will corrode the exposed stem and thread, so that the valve is difficult to operate and easy to damage the stem packing.
3, With a reverse role of the plate gate valve, which is adapted to automatically shut down the system operation. For these valves, a simple push-pull operator can be used, thus avoiding the need for conventional ball valves and plug valves required for complex joystick cams. All of the movable parts with the power manipulator on the valve can be closed to eliminate contamination due to paint and corrosion products.
4, Gate valve can not be used for throttle operations. Especially for fluids containing sand, throttling can damage the sealing surface.
5, The operating temperature of the soft seal gate valve by the sealing material.